First time is the best

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First time is the best

We were sitting around the other night in my favorite watering hole. I had just gotten my second Coors and I was enjoying the cool libation on this very hot summer night! We had been talking about our favorite topics, woman and sex. That is is Stoney looked over at me and said "Duke, tell us about your first time!" I laughed and said "Nobody wants to hear about the ole days!" I was going to brush him off by changing the conversation to Lynn and beautiful tits. Then Lynn spoke before I could and said "Yeah, you hear our stories all the time and you listen to our troubles too! So spill the beans copper!" Everyone laughed at that last remark.

"Okay, you really want to hear it" I asked. Everybody at the two tables, we always set in the back of the place and we take up the last two tables, nodded in agreement. I picked sitting back here because I can sit with my back to the wall and I have the back door near me too! It's a cop thing, just can't stand to sit with my back to a door. Well, I settled back and took another drink. Then I started to remember back to the day in late May.

It was a Thursday afternoon in late May. It was a real nice, sunny day, warm but not to hot. I was only 18 then, but I was big for my age. Many people use to think that I was sixteen or seventeen. I was tall, 6'-1", and I weighed in at 185 pounds. I never knew anything really about sex or sizes of penises. I did not know that my dick being over seven inches was a big deal. However, I learned that day!

I was walking over to my friend, Harvey's, house. We were going to do some work for his father and we were to get paid for it. That was a big deal for me! I was just passing by the Ridgelin's house when I heard a voice call my name "Duke, can't you say Hi!" I looked around because I did not see anyone, and then I heard the voice call again "Over here!" I looked toward the house and I saw a girl waving from the garage side door. It was Patricia Ridgelin, a classmate of mine. She was fourteen too but she was as skinny as a rail and she had reddish hair that looked more like a wire brush then hair. I waved back but I kept walking.

She then called to me again "Can you help my and my sister for a minute? My bike is broke and I am supposed to go babysit." I looked at my watch and called back "I can't really, I have to get over to Harvey's house, his dad is paying us to do some work" but I kept walking. Then another girl popped out of the side garage door. I almost stopped dead in my tracks. This girl was beautiful to me. He had long red hair and she was wearing a tee shirt and white short shorts. But she had tits, no I mean TITS!!! I had never seen her before then again I hardly ever come this way either. Seeing her made me change my mind fast. So I headed over to the door.

"So you going to pay me to fix her bike" I asked. "You fix her bike in time for her to go babysit and I will make it worth your effort" she said with a smile. Now like I said I knew nothing about sex and girls except that they were fun to look at and they grew up nice looking too. "Okay, lets see what the problem is" I said as I pushed passed them both. I turned the bike over so it was upside down. It only took me a few seconds to see that the chain had come off the bike. It was to loose, so I loosened the nuts and put the chain on and then I pulled the tire rim back so that the chain was tight. Then I tighten the nuts back and I spun the tire around, it worked fine. "Okay, it is all done" I said. "Can I wash my hands" I asked. Patricia thanked me and took her bike and headed off to her babysitting job.

Then her sister spoke "You can wash your hands in the kitchen" as she lead me into the house. "So you are Duke, I have heard some of my friends talk about you" she said. "If it was /bad/">bad then it wasn't me" I said with a laugh. "No, it was all good really" she said. I washed my hands and she jumped up and sat on the counter next to me. I was washing my hands but I was stareing at her great tits. I had never, ever seen a girl naked except for my sisters, and I had never had any sexual experiences. Then she spoke "my face is up here Duke" I looked up and I knew my face was red. "Sorry" I said with a nervous laugh. She just smiled and said "My friends all call me Val, its short for Valerie." "Nice name, I like Val" I said. She laughed and then she said "So, do you have a /girlfriend/">girlfriend?" "No," I said without hesitation. She laughed again. "Well, I had better get going" I said. I was happy that I had gotten to meet her and to look at her fine shape.

"You can't go yet" she said "I did not pay you like I promised!" "No, you don't owe me anything" I said as I dried my hands on the towel. "Well, I always pay my debts mister" she said with a laugh. She then jumped down from the counter and she looked at me and said "You ever see a girl naked?" I know the wwwxxx my face turned red as I answered "Sure, I have seen my two older sisters naked before, no big deal!" "Well, I mean someone that is not related to you" she said. "No" I said now wondering where this was going to lead. She then walked over to the side door and shut it. Then she turned around and walked back into the kitchen where we had been. As she did she reached down and pulled her tee shirt off! There they sat, two beautiful tits! I mean they were 34C's and they stood right out.

"Damn" I said. I did not know what to say really. She then reached down and slid her white shorts and panties down and stepped out of them. She was naked! I about shit my pants right there. I had not even noticed that I had a raging hard on! Her pubic hair was the same color as her hair and it formed a triangle. I did not know what to do! She then looked at me and said "Why, you are a virgin aren't you?" I shook my head yes. I could not speak! She then walked over to me and kissed me on the lips! I had never kissed a girl before, it was so nice and soft. Then she stopped and looked at me and then kissed me again. This time she reached down and undid my cut off jeans and pushed them to the floor. She then pulled my tighty whitey underpants down. The whole time we were still kissing! She stopped and told me to open my mouth some and that I could stick my tongue in her mouth too. I did as she said and I was now really getting into this sex thing.

Next she reached down while we were still kissing and she put her hand on my hard on. "Oh, Duke, it is so big" she exclaimed. Then she pushed me back toward the countertop. "Get up here" she said. So I sat up on the countertop, naked now from the waist down. She kissed me again as she played with my dick. Then she gently pushed me back and she started sucking my dick. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! She sucked it for awhile and she took time to work her tongue around it several times. I finally pulled her back so I could kiss her and get down. Then I sat her up on the countertop. I began kissing her tits and sucking on them. I dont' know why I did it, it just seemed like the thing to do. She was moaning and she had her hand in my hair guiding me along.

She started pushing my head toward her pussy as she said "stick you tongue in my pussy Duke, lick it!" I had never eaten pussy before but I was willing to try. It was fantastic as she guided me along. I was really into it then and she was moaning like she was loving it too. She then said "Come up here!" So I kissed my way back up to her mouth. I was kissing her when I felt her hand guiding my dick into her pussy. "Oh, god," she gasped "you are so big!" I did not know what she meant but I did know that her pussy felt great on my dick so I drove that thing in. She wrapped her legs around me and I went to fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I was lifting her off the countertop I was fucking her so hard!

It was starting to feel really good when she started pushing me away "Stop, please don't cum in me! I don't want to get /pregnant/">pregnant! Please, stop" she was begging with tears in her eyes! So I pulled my dick out! I did not know what to do but I did know that I wanted to fuck some more. She dropped down to her knees and she started sucking my dick again. This time she was really going to it even better than before. She was taking my whole dick into her mouth! In a few minutes I said "Hey, it is starting to feel funny!" I had masterbated before so I knew that I was going to cum but I did not know how to say that to a girl who was sucking my dick! She just kept sucking so I figured "what the heck." I wwwxxx then reached down and grabbed a hand full of her hair and I started fucking her face!

When I came it was like a fascet! She tried to swallow it but there was so much it was running down her chin and onto those beautiful tits!. Soon she had milked me dry. She then took my hand and lead me to the bathroom where she pulled me into the shower with her. I had to pull off my tee shirt just before she turned on the water. We bathed each other and then we dried each other off as we made small talk until she knelt down and kissed the head of my dick. Then she looked at me and said "I am going to have a lot of fun with you if you promise to be careful and not get me pregnant!" "What do you want me to do" I asked. "Go to the gas station and go in the Men's room and buy some condoms" she said with laugh. "Then come back here and I will let you fuck me anyway you want, as much as you want if you promise not to tell anyone" she concluded. Well I promised her, I would have promised her anything! I then got dressed and I ran all the way to the gas station! In the men's room was a condom machine and I took all the change I had, since it only tooks quarters, and I bought five packets. I then ran all the way back to her house. I knocked on the front door and she opened it and grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

"My parents will be home in about two hours" she said as she started pulling off my clothes. I started pulling her clothes off as well and we headed to her bedroom. "Did you get a condom" she asked. I showed her the five I had bought and she laughed. "We can't to it that much today, but I promise if you don't tell anyone what we do you will need a lot more than those five" she said. Well, she and I sure used a lot more than those five over the next few years. She was the only girl that I fucked until I was seventeen. She had left for /college/">college then. But I can tell you we fucked every way that you can imagine. It is because of her that I am one of the truly great pussy eaters in the world. With that everyone laughed and Lynn said "Maybe I need to find out if you are just bragging or telling the truth." I looked at her in /surprise/">surprise and said "Now that is something that will have to be determined." So much for a quiet night at my favorite watering hole.