Another Friday for Rachael

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Another Friday for Rachael

Fiction! Any names resembling you are pure coincidence. BEWARE THIS IS A LONG DETAILED STORY. Please Enjoy 

My name is Rachael; I am 18 years old. I am 5?5 brown hair, brown eyes. My chest is a 34C. I xxx weigh 95 lbs and I am very sexy. I am going to tell you a story about one of my /best/best-sex/">best sex experiences that I have had so far. 

It was another Friday morning at school. I was a senior at the time. It was a public school so there was no uniform, so I basically wore a skirt and halter top almost every day. I was sitting in class teasing the guys that sat in front of me. They would always look back and try to catch a glance at my panties. I didn?t mind the attention at all. Actually I enjoyed it very much so. 

Anyways I was sitting in class when I was handed a note. It said meet me at my car for lunch. The handwriting was sloppy and I knew it was from a guy. I looked up and saw Mark looking back at me. I uncrossed my legs and flashed him my panties letting him know I read the note. He winked at me and went back to paying attention to the /teacher/">teacher. 

The bell rang and I still had one more class to go to before lunch time. I was so distracted by what he had in plan for me that I had to leave during class and go the restroom to masturbate. I got in a stall slid down my skirt and lifted my legs and started to finger myself. It was only ten minutes before lunch so I had to make it a quickie. I pushed my fingers in and out of my pussy rapidly to cum. Idid, right into the toilet. I stood up and pulled up my skirt and flushed the toilet. I hurried and washed my hands and went straight to the parking lot. 

I found Mark waiting in his car for me. I knocked on the window and got in. ?Hey,? he said, ?You look flustered.? ?Yeah, I was just trying to go here as quick as I could,? I replied. He started the car and drove off towards a fast food joint. We had only a half hour for lunch so he told me what he wanted from me. ?Rachael,? he said, ?I know you?ve been staring at me in class and I?ve been staring at you.? 

It was true, Mark is 6?1 and I heard rumors of how big he is and had always wanted to have his cock, but never had the guts to ask him. I don?t know why but he intimidated me. ?So let?s just get it over with,? he said as he reached down and unzipped his shorts. ?Right now?? I asked, ?Yes right now and later tonight at my house,? replied Mark. I had already made plans with my girl friends but a chance to have Mark was top priority, ?Ok Mark, I?ll be over at seven,? as I took his limp cock into my hands. I started to stroke it and it got long and hard. I couldn?t tell how long it was but it was longer than all the others guys I?ve had sex with. 
I bent over and placed my head over Mark?s crotch and licked the tip of his cock. He placed one of his hands down my back and underneath my skirt trying to find my /asshole/">asshole. He found it and stuck his finger up it; it shocked me causing me to take his whole cock in my mouth in a spilt second. I brought my head back up and coughed. ?Hurray up baby, we?re almost there.? ?I?m sorry,? I said and put my lips back onto his shaft and started to move up and down on it. 

He took his finger out of my asshole and put his hand on my head making me go faster. I almost gagged, but I managed to hold it back. He pulled in to the driver thorough lane and was a couple of cars behind from the ordering box. ?Hurray up we are almost there,? I started to really move now, going as fast as I could, then I felt the cum rush through his penis and straight into my mouth. I held it on there until he was done and swallowed it. I sat back up adjusted my skirt and cleaned off my face. He bought us lunch and we ate it on the way back. 

When we got back to school he parked his car and we got out. ?So I?ll see you at seven tonight?? ?Wear something sexy,? he said, ?My parents are out of town for the weekend.? ?Ok baby, I?ll see you later then,? I replied. We got into the school and went our separate ways. I had two more classes before the day was over and it felt like an eternity before the day was done. 

The final bell rang and I thought I was home free until I heard, ?Ms, Smith I need to talk to you.? It was my teacher Mr. Jones. I rolled my eyes and just waited in my desk thinking of what he could want. When everyone left he got up and shut the door and locked it. Then he came to me and said, ?Rachael you probably are wondering why I asked you to stay,? ?Mr. Jones I?m in kind of a hurry here.? I said. ?Don?t worry this won?t take long,? he replied. ?Stand up and turn around,? he ordered me. ?Excuse me!?? I stood up and walked towards the door, ?Ms. Smith I will fail you if you leave this room. I turned around and looked at him, I couldn?t fail this class, it would ruin my G.P.A.

I finally walked back to him and faced the front of the room. ?That?s a /good/good-girl/">good girl,? he said, ?Now bend over.? I bent over and a desk causing my skirt to rise. I heard the zipper of his pants and I just closed my eyes. I felt his hands flip my skirt up, onto my back, and then he roamed around my ass crack forcing me to spread my legs. Then I felt the tip of his cock in my ass crack, barely touching me. ?This will only hurt for a second.? He said. Then he rammed his cock into my asshole. The pain I felt was unbelievable and I came almost immediately when he put his cock into me. 

He started to grunt and the paced became faster as he pumped his hips back and forth. I was helpless; I just bit my lip and hoped for it to be over. Then he pulled out and shot his load onto my ass. ?Let me clean you up,? he licked up his cum off my ass and lowered my skirt back down. ?Very good Rachael, you may leave now.? I slowly stood up and left the class. 

The hallways were empty and I ran to my car. When I got in I started to cry. I cried for ten minutes before I was ready to drive. I cleaned my face with some tissue and started my car and drove home. I could barely think about driving because of what just happened to me. 

When I got home I ran straight into the bathroom. My parents wouldn?t be home for another couple hours. I started the shower, stripped down and got in. I turned around and bent over letting the warm water run down my back and ass. I started to cry again. I felt so dirty. I finally stopped crying and thought about later tonight. I picked up a razor and shaved started to shave. I did my legs and armpits. Then I did my pussy. It was hard, but I did it. Then I finished washing my body and hair and got out of the shower. 

I dried off and went back into my room. I laid on my bed and took a nap. I was awaken by a knock on the door. It was my mother, ?Hi honey, are you hungry? I got some sandwiches from the deli. Your porn videos download father is down there so you better hurry before it is all gone.? ?Thanks, I?ll be right down,? I said. She left my room and I looked over at my clock. It was six. ?Damn? I thought to myself. I got out of bed, put on some sweat pants and a sweat shirt and got downstairs. 

My farther had already eaten his sandwich and half of mine, ?Here you go Rachael, I saved you some.? ?Thanks daddy, how was your day?? I asked as I took the sandwich and began to eat. ?Same ol? shit, my boss is starting to piss me off,? he said. ?You should beat him up daddy,? I said. ?If I could get away with it honey it would. Do you have any plans tonight?? ?Yeah, I am going over to a friend?s house, but I need to go get ready now,? I said and stuffed the last piece of sandwich in my mouth and ran upstairs. 

I took off my sweat pants and sweater, and threw them on my bed. Then I went over to my dresser and opened the top drawer. It was filled with panties, thongs, bras, and stockings. I took a tiny read thong and stepped into it. I pulled the waist band around my hips and gave it an extra tug so it fit snug in between my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass crack. I decided no to wear a bra, and walked over to my closet topless. I slid the mirror open and turned on the light. I had a variety of shirts, dresses and pants hanging up. The floor is scattered with shoes. I flipped through the clothes, and stopped at a dress. I took it off the hanger and held it against my body. It was a low cut dress with spaghetti straps and it stopped well above my knees. It is black and has shiny black beads in a pattern of a belt around the waist. It was a dress that I had worn at a wedding before and I got a lot of looks from the guys. 

I threw it over my head and let it drop on to my shoulders. I stepped out of my closest and slid the mirror door shut. I looked at myself. I was pleased, so I zipped up the zipper on the back and opened the closet again. I looked down at the floor and saw the mess of shoes. I got on my knees and looked for a pair that would match my dress. I picked up one shoe trying to find the other; I finally found it and went over to my bend to put them on. I sat on my bed and bent over towards the ground. I picked up the heel and slipped my foot into it. I wrapped the ankle strap around my ankle and put it in place. I did this with the other shoe and then I stood up and walked back in front of the mirror. I was taller know because of the shoe and my legs looked longer. I tried to lower my dress a tad, but it didn?t work so well. It was still just barely covering my pussy. Then I went to the bathroom. 

I put on my makeup; I didn?t need that much, just the basics. I combed my hair and put on some perfume. I looked at my clock and it was six-thirty. I had to go. I grabbed a little black handbag and my keys and went downstairs. ?Bye,? I said to my parents as I went to the door. ?Hunny, are you going to let her go out like that?? asked my dad to my mother. ?Yes dear, she is 18 and she can dress however she wants. Remember when I was younger?? ?Yes babe, I do, I just worry about her.? ?Thanks Mom, I?ll be back later tonight,? ?You?d better be, dressed like that,? my Dad grumbled under his breath. My mom hit him on his arm, and I just smiled and went to my car.